Selecting the right partner to build your MVP

One of the things that we do best at Bright Inventions is helping startups build their first MVP. It’s pretty common that founders select us as their technology partner and rely on us to turn their vision into reality. We enjoy this kind of challenges and over the years have started to understand quite well why — simply said — startups like to work with us. However, this note is purely intended as a set of generic things to look for in a technology partner.

1. Closely located

Since you’re going to be working together very closely it’s vital that you both share the same values and that their working culture is close to yours. Do you hate when somebody is late for a meeting? Are you obsessed about keeping discussion to the point? What is your definition of “done”? Vet your potential partner before any agreement is signed. Make sure you can keep up with them on a personal level. You don’t have to be best friends but there needs to be solid grounds for mutual appreciation, trust and understanding.

3. Extension of your team

4. Work out a good payment model

5. Argues with you

Sometimes you come to them not with a problem but with a ready solution. It’s better if they are not afraid to point you out misassumptions in your proposed solution and are openly against executing something that doesn’t make sense. If you’ve chosen the right partner they will surely have more technical experience than you have and they will also have some business experience from the past projects.

6. Stable team

7. Estimates

8. Progress

Choosing the right partner for working on your MVP is a leap of faith. You need to feel good about your decision and have full trust in them. It might be hard to find a partner that meets all the criteria listed in this note but at least make sure that they won’t have problems challenging you if they disagree. They might be right.

Michał Łukasiewicz

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Originally published at on October 24, 2017.

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