For some people it might be surprising, especially considering current trends to change employers every two or three years, but I am just having my fifth anniversary at Bright Inventions. Five years ago I chose to start my professional journey here and I do not regret my decision since then.

One girl and two guys

Are you a programmer? What has attracted you to join the particular place of work? Read some insights from software developers on their decision-making process whilst looking for a new job.

There is a tone of the research on what crucial requirements for IT candidates are when they are looking…

Substrate is an SDK that enables you to build your blockchain from previously built components. Do you want to be a blockchain developer? Thanks to Substrate, joining the blockchain development community has never been easier. Find out why!

Substrate is the fastest way to build blockchain

You can easily have a blockchain node developed within an hour! If…

Piotr is a bright team leader. Some would say that he is our tech dad, always ready to assist you. He asks and asks questions to test your approach and as a result brings the best possible solution out of you! The clients’ dream is to clone him but probably…

The Bad Example

Imagine a character called Jack who hires an electrician to have a ceiling lamp mounted.

With a bright smile Electrician starts his job. At the end of his work, Jack pushes the switch and… the lamp doesn’t give any light.

Full of surprise on his face Jack kindly asks:


Bright Inventions

Software Development Studio with expertise in mobile & web applications, Blockchain and IOT devices.

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