We have asked junior developers at Bright Inventions what advice they would give to someone who is looking for the first job in the software development world. Check out their tips for future developers!

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Paweł — Junior Fullstack Developer:

If you have some knowledge gaps that is not a deal breaker. You can always catch up with technical things. The crucial part is to show your willingness to learn and your passion. You don’t need to have an answer to every technical question. …

Do you want to find a job as a junior software developer? Check out how to start a career in the software development industry. Get some insights from junior devs who are a part of our Bright Inventions team.

Meet Paweł, Łukasz and Jędrzej — Junior Fullstack Developers from Bright Inventions. They develop their tech skills using TypeScript, React and Node.js.

It’s time to show how our junior developers respond to highly searched (googled) questions. They were researched with a popular keyword research tool: answerthepublic.com.


I studied Mechatronics. One of the classes focused on C++ and it gave me…

What I value in life are honesty and transparency.** I really encourage people I work with to voice their opinions, ideas or disappointments and to ask a lot of questions. When someone does not ask, I assume everything is clear. Guessing and overinterpretating are not my things. And I think that rumours, gossiping or internal tittle-tattles are not the way strong, responsible and supporting teams are built. If a company really wants to grow, employees should be open to tell the truth and hear the truth about themselves. …

What is the difference between a hybrid app and native one? Is native app development dying? Ultimately, which mobile approach is better? Let’s look closely at the mobile battle between native and hybrid apps. And find out on which corner we are. 😎

mobile app development

What is the difference between hybrid and native app development?

Native app development refers to building an app exclusively for one mobile system. So, you develop an app only for iOS or Android. You use native technologies dedicated to that process such as Java or Kotlin for Android and Swift or Objective-C for iOS.

Cross-platform mobile app development takes place when you build one common system for…

The definition of a recruiter in Cambridge Dictionary is a person who persuades people to work for a company or become new members of an organization, especially the army. My definition of a recruiter is a friend-to-be who helps people find their dream job, prepare them for their future career, assist with recruitment tasks, manage the best salary negotiation, advise on employment issues and stay up to date with the industry knowledge. Am I a recruiter? Damn, sure I am. …

What are healthcare apps?

Health apps are a part of digital healthcare transformation that affects the future of global healthcare. Health apps support patients and medical staff in managing their daily duties and tasks. They often help patients manage their chronic disease and support nurses and doctors in their daily work. They are important tools which can really facilitate people’s life and health habits, but we have to keep in mind that compared to medical apps they don’t have an ability to directly influence the patient’s medical state.

healthcare app

Healthcare and medical apps — understanding the difference

Although this article focuses on healthcare apps, we should establish the main differences between healthcare and…


We’ve all been there — you said something wrong, now you long for yesterday. There was an awkward silence and it felt like a scene from The Office.

The good news is that nobody’s writing our lines to make us look silly — we write them ourselves. And yes, this is the good news. Communicating well is not a personality trait, it’s a skill and as such it can be trained and improved. It takes time and attention as with other skills but thankfully you get better at it. In the meantime though, mistakes will be made. …

Technology is essential to support patients and medical staff in managing chronic diseases. Learn more about healthcare diagnostics devices that shape the future of telehealth.

What is the role of mobile devices in healthcare?

There are lots of devices that we have seen at doctor’s offices that — thanks to Bluetooth connection and dedicated applications — have turned into patient’s remote monitoring systems. Also, healthcare startups create more and more wearable healthcare devices that enable continuous monitoring of patients.

COVID-19 pandemic has shown that telemedicine is crucial in answering future medical challenges that are around us. New technologies give patients the tools to consciously manage their condition. They help…

Are you planning to develop healthcare software? Or maybe you have an idea for a healthcare app and don’t know what to do next? This is a guide for startups and entrepreneurs that want to be a part of the health tech movement.

Healthcare tech has to be customized from the very beginning. That’s why custom healthcare software development is the key to the successful launch of a product.

What is custom healthcare software development?

It’s all truly about flexibility and adapting to users’ needs. No matter how cliche that sounds. If you build an app for Parkinson’s patients, you simply cannot sit on the sofa…

Digital transformation in healthcare is not just welcomed. It is needed. Global health challenges have to be globally addressed by tech. For patients and medical staff’s sake. Are you a startup founder? Are you ready to join the eHealth movement?

COVID-19 influence on healthcare tech

The pandemic has shown how medical care systems in most countries around the globe struggle with overload, understaffing and underfunding. Healthcare tech is the only solution to prevent that in the future. And we need a health digital transformation fast because other challenges are coming. HealthTech can’t be the future because it has to be the present.

Software and wearable devices in healthcare are the key

Telehealth remote patient…

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